Ecological Model and the Dalai Lama

20131013-223114.jpg It may seem like a tenuous link, the Dalai Lama and the ecological model but read on, there is one.

I’ve started reading a book called “Looptail – How one company changed the world by reinventing business” by Bruce Poon Tip. I’m a sucker for autobiographies, especially by entreprenuers. Anyway, Bruce started up an eco-tourism business called ‘g adventrues’ and his book is his story of how he grew his business in his words ‘by doing the right thing and generating profits’. So far it is a good book.

Anyway, the link between the ecological model and the Dalai Lama is that the Dalai Lama wrote a forward for ‘Looptail’, in it he talks about when he met Bruce and how he was inspired by Bruce’s work. “Bruce seems to be one of those entrepreneurs who understand that human dignity, freedom and genuine wellbeing are more important that the mere accumulation of wealth”.

The line after this great accolade about Bruce struck a note with my recent thinking and posts on the ecological model, the Dalai Lama wrote “Wealth should serve humanity and not vice versa”.

It sits well and truly with the description of the ecological model – the economy is contained within society and society is contained within the environment. Or written the other way, the economy serves society and society serves the planet.

Bruce’s approach to tourism is that you should experience the culture, the society of the country you are going to visit. He doesn’t plonk you in a fortified resort where only $5 of each $100 spent stays within the local economy. He makes sure that the adventure is provided by the local economy, that fits within the local society. He has focused on doing the right thing and then generating profits.

We all need to shift our approach to ‘I am doing this because it is the right thing to do, now how do I make money from it’ rather than ‘I have come up with a great way to make money, now how do I make it less bad’.

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