How to be green – reuse old technology

20131021-032849.jpg This one is from my home town so I love it even more.

The public static pay phone became a technology of the past when mobile phones became cheaper and more proliferate and with it we sadly saw the demise of the ubiquitous red phone box. In the early days of the demise there was a demand for some of the older phone boxes as antique and nostalgia hunters grabbed them before others could.

As time went on the red boxes became less collectable and the remaining few were left in place as a sad reminder of the technology of the past as we rushed passed at 30 miles an hour chatting into our bluetooth headsets.

The ones that remain in the present day are often tattered, urine smelling eye sores that smite of laziness, confusion of ownership or lack of funding to remove them.

But in a glimmer of hope some of the boxes are being repurposed by the local community, bringing back the community connections that they once so boldly delivered. They are being reused as community notice boards, as local offline sharing points, as a classifieds board. And why not, they are waterproof, have a light, are connected to the internet.

The one above is from my local town, repurposed as a book sharing spot. Love it.

But what else could the be used for? They are internet and power connected.

How about local WiFi spots for villages?
Or how about a 3D printing spot for the local community?
Or tool sharing shop drop off?

What else could or have these wonderful red boxes been used for?

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