Competitive Collaboration – why it will save the world

20131031-115523.jpg Competitive Collaboration has the potential to drive us towards a future scenario of living within the means of one planet. But why do I think that, what is it and how do we enable it? I write on the basis that people reading my posts have as short an attention span or are as time poor as me, so the first post will be the why, tomorrow the what and monday the how.

So why do I think Competitive Collaboration will drive us to one planet living?

I presented at a conference recently about mutli-site integration in buildings. At the moment resource infrastructure is only shared between buildings that are owned by one owner – either within the same site boundaries or across a virtual network. I believe and presented that the future of multi-site integration lies in the connection of resource infrastructure (power, water, sewer) across multiple buildings and multiple ownership.

At the end of the presentation I was asked who would drive this change, would it be government or business? I said that I believed that it would be business driven not government driven. The follow up question was – but what would motivate two or more competing businesses to share resources? My answer – Competitive Collaboration. The competing businesses that collaborate in the future will be more competitive and achieve greater outcomes that those that don’t.

While we wait around for Australian to wean itself of it’s coal addiction and for our grid to be properly decarbonised the property industry will need to continue to compete in carbon reduction – ‘we have the best energy rated portfolio’, ‘we have the acheived a 30% reduction year on year in carbon emissions in our buildings’ etc etc. It is the nature of market driven forces – competition.

The majority of the larger landlords have gone as far as currently practicable possible within their own site boundaries in reducing the environmental impact of their existing buildings. So what’s next? Collaborate with your competition. If you and your competitor can work together to mutually and symbiotically continue to reduce your emissions then that’s better than not reducing your emissions.

‘We have worked in partnership with our closest competitor and together we have reduce the emissions of our buildings by 30%’.

Wow, you are working with your competitors to collectively reduce the impact of both companies on the environment. Power and Love. Shareholders, stakeholders and the community will love it.

Buckminster Fuller rounds up the why I think Competitive Collaboration will save the planet “make the world work for 100 per cent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous co-operation without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone”.

Co-operation is the key to minimising our ecological offence and collaborating with our competitors is the foundation.

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