Cundall Australia’s Bright Idea for Recycling Week

Did you know you shouldn’t put CFL bulbs in your general waste?

However they can’t be included in your normal council recycling collection. 96% of bulbs end up in landfill resulting in mercury leaching into the ground and valuable resources being wasted.

It is Australian National Recycling Week, which aims to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. So we are launching our mixed globe recycling service for our clients in our Australian offices.

The service will be available throughout the year, so if you are coming for a meeting, attending one of our CPD events or in the area, please drop off your used bulbs from home.

We then send these to Lamp recyclers where the four main elements recovered from bulbs are typically recycled as:

  • Glass – glass wool insulation
  • Aluminium – Aluminium ingots that are used in industry for a variety of applications
  • Phosphor Powder – Bulking agent for fertiliser
  • Mercury – Dental amalgam (possibly not so good for human health)

Please note that we will only accept domestic bulbs and quantities and reserve the right to withdraw this service without notice.

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