Green Underpants

20131118-082112.jpg In the recent leadership forum we were asked what we believed clients would be selecting us for in 5 years time, one of my answers was met with bewilderment and a few laughs – Green Underpants.

What did I mean by Green Underpants?

In the future, no wait this is right now, we will be judged by our clients and colleagues not for what we say we do but what we actually do. Oh hang on it goes deeper than that. We are judged everyday by what we do, not what we say we do, in fact when we say we do, or will do something but don’t, the damage can be long lasting.

Green Underpants helps us to visualise and remember this. It doesn’t matter what colour your suit is (what happens on the outside or what people see) it matters more what colour your underpants are (what happens on the inside or what people don’t see).

Yes, you could see Green as being solely limited to ‘sustainability’ but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sustainability is purely a proxy for innovation. Sustainability is purely a change that is necessary that we go through. Sustainability is integrity. Sustainability is good design. Sustainability is doing our job better. Sustainability is living better. Sustainability isn’t hugging trees.

So your Green Underpants are more than just sustainability. They are how you live your life, not how you say you live your life. They are what you do. We are all hypocrites but at least get the colour of your underpants right.

The change that is happening right now that accelerate the need for you to wear Green Underpants is increased transparency. In the future, the way that you operate, your integrity, your life will be more and more judged by others. Think about all the things that you are adding everyday to your digital footprint – if someone played back a time lapse of your digital footprint would what you say you did be congruent with what you have done? This will happen for more and more for organisations as well.

The digital world connects our work and play life more than ever before, it increases the transparency of individual and corporate behaviour and its there embedded forever in a data centre designed by Cundall.

What colour are your underpants?

4 Comments on “Green Underpants”

  1. Interesting proposition. What if I say my underpants are technicolored? Green can have quite narrow implications whereas I think you are arguing for something more nuanced and diverse. I agree that we will and are be tested on whether what we say is in our DNA and how we think, act and feel. But isn’t meant to be green?

    What colour represents the bringing together of innovation, sustainability, people and prosperity?

    • Thanks mate. What colour is the new green? As you say that is the question! What colour is ecological? What colour is one planet? Hhhmmmm need some thinking on that one. My kids love the ‘Captain Underpants’ books.

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