Building Automation to grow 60% by 2021 – don’t miss out on your share by not seeing the bigger things

20131126-104504.jpg An article on Sourecable that covered a report from the US that suggests the the Building Automation Systems market (BAS) is set to grow 60% to $100.8billion by 2021. A nice pot if you can get the tricks right.

The article suggests that the growth will be driven by rising energy costs and demand for low energy consuming facilites. That will without doubt be a big part of the revenue growth but how much market share you get will go beyond energy monitoring and control. It will tap into one of my favourite subjects – the internet of things.

The internet of things connects us, our behaviour and our preferences to technology, to automation to buildings.

The building automation systems of the very near future will preemptively control the building based not on what happened yesterday, or what the weather will be like today, but on what the population of the building will be doing. It will adjust the lifts, the escalators, the food supply, the temperature, the loading, all based on what the internet of things will tell it.

The internet of things is a powerful beast, but once the controls of of our buildings connects into the beast all sorts of possibilities and opportunities take off.

If you are a large BAS provider ask yourself what am I doing to innovate in the connection to the internet of things that will stop small BAS providers stealing a slice of your pie? If you are a small boutique BAS provider ask yourself what can I do to disrupt the market to steal a greater share of this $100 billion bucket.

If you’re not sure what you can do, send me an email.

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