Impact Gaming – could Candy Crushers save the world?

20131211-081821.jpg I had hoped that I would get a stir from a few people on yesterdays post “Candy Crush – time sucking vampires” and luckily I did. They ranged from “what’s wrong with just having a bit of fun” to “they actually encourage the development of problem solving and application skills”. Absolutely agree but what if they did good as well.

I’ve written a few times about the need to shift our thinking from “i’ve worked out a way to make money, how do I make it less bad for the planet” to “I’ve worked out a way of enabling us to live within the means of one planet, now how do I make money from it”.

If we changed the intent or purpose of the creation of gaming apps from ‘let’s make a shit load of money’ to ‘let’s use peoples desires to problem solve, to escape, to have a bit of fun for the benefit of living within the means of one planet, oh and make shit loads of money’ then I think it would be a good shift to the need to do things ‘better’.

If we use the captive audience of the equivalent of all the students at the University of Sydney or all the employees at Telstra willing commit their working time for free every single day, and if we could create the addiction of Candy Crush they might actually pay to give you their time for free, then the possibilities are endless.

Why not use the benefit of ‘gaming’ – fun, problem solving and endorphin producing time – to help solve some of the global problems we have. Impact Investment is gaining ground – how about Impact Gaming.

Would you be willing to commit your Candy Crush time to doing something better?

End note – I am an endless hypocrite, recovering candy crush addict and actively encourage my kids to play games.

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