3 lessons from entrepreneurs that will help save the world

entInspired by Entrepreneur Magazine @EntMagazine that took an article from Rolling Stone about “how unfair capitalism is and where Occupy Wall Street organizer Jesse Myerson writes about The Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For” and looked at it from an entrepreneurs perspective. @EntMagazine believes that “Entrepreneurship, Not Socialism, Is the Answer to Economic Problems“.

So in the same vein – Is Entrepreneurship, Not Socialism, the Answer to Ecological Problems?

If it is, what are some of the approaches or philosophies of entrepreneurs and start-ups that might help us accelerate positive social, cultural and ecological impact.

Here are three that I think we could use more of.

1. Always ask questions
Entrepreneurs by their nature are questioners, rule breakers, disruptors. They ask why or why not about almost everything. They question why we should do the same thing as before, why don’t we do something different. They are always on the hunt for doing things differently while saving time, money or resources. But it is more than just saying why don’t you use renewable energy, it is about questioning business models or engrained social views.

Use the questioning mind set to generate new opportunities to create positive impact.

2. Accelerate growth
The whole purpose at start-up stage is to generate sustainable growth as soon as possible. This is done through social media, networks, marketing and the awesome term growth hacking. Why not do the same for generating positive social, cultural and ecological impact – impact hacking. Growth hacking isn’t just for start-ups.

Use start-up thinking to accelerate the positive changes we desperately need.

3. Lean Thinking
Lean start-ups is an addictive approach to growth and its not about doing it cheaply. The lean start-up methods of eliminate waste, defer committment, rapid prototyping, minimum viable product are focused on resource efficiency and productivity. It uses a continuous feedback loop of Build, Measure, Learn to accelerate uptake.

Use lean thinking in your business, your company or your life to accelerate uptake and eliminate waste.

So is Entrepreneurship, Not Socialism, the Answer to Ecological Problems? Entrepreneurial approaches will appeal to the capitalists but socialism will appeal to the treehuggers. Mass generalisation – love it. But I think to stop us from following our current path we need both – we need to hack impact into our existing companies, products and services AND we need to create the spiritual awakening that we are all connected, all live on one planet and are all in this together.

My first post of 2014 is something that lies at the route of my loves – entreprenuership. Over the next couple of weeks I will be moving my blog to Wild About Sustainability, a new venture I am exploring with my amazing partner Jessica Wild. Stay tuned for updates.

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