Will we achieve sustainable development – survey says yes!

The results of the quick 3 question survey are in. The survey asked – is what we are doing sustainable and would we ever achieve true sustainable development.

The survey was done partly online and partly face to face on mobile. In total there were 31 respondents, with 10 people answering anonymously online.

Here are the questions, answers and my commentary.

So a resounding 65% believe that what we are currently doing is not enough. Personally I thought it would be higher but maybe there were a few optimists or hopefuls that ticked the maybe answer. I think this is fairly representative of the majority of the people in the ‘industry’ and probably why there is so much green apathy out there. Just check out some of the comments in this article on The Fifth Estate.

OK, there are probably lot’s of other things out there that could help us achieve sustainable development but I wanted to keep the survey short. Competitive Collaboration is one of my favourites at the moment, at the core of competitive collaboration theories is that competitors need a common vision or goal – yep, achieving sustainable development is a pretty hefty common goal. So, it can help save the planet, people want it, are you doing it?

The final question. The future doesn’t look bright enough to wear shades but it’s not all doom and gloom. Over 50% of the respondents believe that we can achieve true sustainable development, the bad news around a quarter don’t think we will. And these are the guys in the ‘sustainbility industry’.

The survey is still open so please feel free to answer the questions or pass on to your friends.

3 Comments on “Will we achieve sustainable development – survey says yes!”

  1. It is concerning that it is the “Sustainability Industry” that believes sustainable development cannot be achieved. Maybe this is because the industry has too narrow a view on what sustainability is and how it can be realised?

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