We face some challenging and opportunistic times ahead. We are entering a period of growing population, resource constraints and an increasing desire and need to find meaning in our lives. My mission is to create awesome experiences that lie at the intersection of being beneficial to society, regenerative for the planet and sustainable for the economy.

I’m currently Sustainable Design Principal at Lend Lease Design, leading a team of designers focused on creating the next evolution of sustainable places using design thinking, participatory design and agile development philosophies.

Before joining Lend Lease I founded and became CEO of Cundall Australasia growing the business to over 100 people across 6 offices in the Asia Pacific region. Cundall became and still is one of the leading sustainability consultants in Asia and Australia. As well as creating some of Australia’s most sustainable buildings I lead a team of awesome nerds to create Australia’s first building energy rating map, the first transparent Green Star guide and set up Collaborative Future which is still doing some amazing work in Australia and Asia.

Thanks for visiting. Together we can create change in the world.

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