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Bush fires, Carbon and Coca Cola

A great article from Philip Gibbons, Australian National University on the awesome website The Conversation. The article explored the accuracy of a recent quote from the acting Opposition Leader, Warren Truss. “Indeed I guess there’ll be more CO2 emissions from these fires than there will be from coal-fired power stations for decades.” – acting Opposition leader, Warren Truss, […]

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Balance and Moderation

I have spent the last decade trying to work out what food allergies or food intolerances make me feel like crap most of the time. First it was diagnosed as yeast and sugar, then lactose, then more recently gluten and now after blood tests it appears to be high GI foods – sugars, carbohydrates etc. […]

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I don’t imagine the plastic in the ocean looks like this

The plastic cesspool in the ocean has been known about for sometime now, but photographer Kim Preston has taken a new approach to raising awareness of this important issue by creating sea creatures from waste plastic. Seen on my favorite site treehugger.com and more on Kim Preston.

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