Building Automation to grow 60% by 2021 – don’t miss out on your share by not seeing the bigger things

An article on Sourecable that covered a report from the US that suggests the the Building Automation Systems market (BAS) is set to grow 60% to $100.8billion by 2021. A nice pot if you can get the tricks right. The article suggests that the growth will be driven by rising energy costs and demand for […]

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Dangers of the automation of knowledge in design – BIM, Google and Call Centres

At a recent leadership forum in the UK the question of what our clients would expect of us in 5 years time came up, we were asked to provide our answers on sticky notes and put them up on the wall. One of my answers was that in the future our clients would want ‘humans […]

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Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Automation of Knowledge Work

The second in a series inspired by the McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technology report, this post considers the impact of the Automation of Knowledge Work. The first post considered mobile internet as a disruptor, the idea that as mobile internet speeds increase, the ‘place’ that we do work will dramatically change. The ability to […]

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