Green Underpants

In the recent leadership forum we were asked what we believed clients would be selecting us for in 5 years time, one of my answers was met with bewilderment and a few laughs – Green Underpants. What did I mean by Green Underpants? In the future, no wait this is right now, we will be […]

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How to promote green – display it on the product

A recent research study from the US asked a whole load of American consumers about the purchasing habits in relation to the environment. It’s a great research document from Cone Communications and a summary can be downloaded for free. It covers great questions and gives some unique insight into consumer preferences like “nearly all respondents […]

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How to be Green – BMWs solution to electric car range anxiety

Range anxiety is apparently a common fear in electric car purchasing decisions – “what happens if I run out of charge beforeĀ I get there”. Or a more common concern is – yes I would drive an electric car but what happens when I have to drive to visit a relative outside of the electric car […]

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