How to avoid being green – blame China

I don’t know whether the following is restricted to Australia or whether it’s an excuse used around the world but here it is “the Chinese produce as much carbon emissions every day that we could save over the next 10 years so why bother”. I heard it today and it bothers me. A few months […]

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What is sustainability – don’t try and hide your own consumption by lying about someone else’s

One of my pet hates is using data in a misleading way to hide your own misgivings and this one is fairly blatant. On treehugger a few days ago an article was published about a Chinese pork producer proposing a purchase of America’s largest pork producer – Smithfield. Now, yes any developing country buying a […]

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How to be green – in China

I am in China at the moment presenting at the Corenet Global Summit in Shanghai about future sustainable workplaces and as I always do while I am here I caught up on what’s happening in China from the China Daily newspaper. Some interesting times ahead for Green China, here are some snippets – mass urbanisation, […]

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