Climate adaptation in flood prone NSW

My inlaws live out in Narromine in New South Wales, about 7 hours drive due west of Sydney, another 40kms on from Dubbo. It’s a beautiful quiet country town claiming the birth place of many famous sports stars including Glenn McGarth and Melinda Gainsford-Taylor as well as my beautiful wife Jessica. The town is in […]

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Maybe they know something we don’t!

A 2003 global inventory of flora and fauna from across the globe found that “on average plants and animals are shifting their ┬áranges about six kilometres towards the poles and six metres higher in elevation every decade.” “Over the past thirty years phonological cycles – the annual rhythm of plant flowering, bird migrations, birthing babies […]

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Germany – our well intentioned behavior has done nothing to protect the climate

In a recent interview with German Government adviser Kai Konrad in Spiegel Online, Kai talks about how Germany and Europe need to take a new approach to climate change. Kai believes that Germany and Europe have made a mistake in taking a pioneering approach climate protection, “It’s a mistake to believe our noble behavior will […]

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