Environmental impact of synthetic meat and cricket flour

From the votes in so far, over 50% of voters would chose cricket flour over synthetic meat or being vegetarian. But what about the environmental impact? Well, not surprisingly synthetic meat has lower carbon emissions – synthetic cows don’t fart or poo! It has less land grab – synthetic cows don’t need to eat grass, […]

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Cricket flour or synthetic meat – which would you chose?

Food prices have increased astronomically, beef and lamb costs have grown due to costing externalities, fish stocks are depleted and we still need protein – would you chose cricket flour or the synthetic meat? This scenario is likely only 10-15 years away so it’s worth considering your answer now. I wrote a post last week […]

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End of cheap food is over – is cricket flour one of the answers

The CEO of Tesco recently admitted in an interview that food price rises were inevitable due to the rising global demand for food. “There was a time when we could go to South Africa to buy fruit and be the only retailer there. Not any more,” he said. The demand for global food supplies, the […]

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