Buy local, by jove

Another awesome infographic, this time on why buy local. Some things are intuitive, like the carbon emissions and energy impact of flying stuff by plane rather than shipping by boat. If you live in New York a bottle of wine shipped from France has less environmental impact than one flown from California – I will […]

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Please dont buy this – Patagonia’s awesome initiative

Furthering my Bag It blog, not only do we have a throw a bag away culture but also a disposable attitude to products we buy. We are entering a economic and resource constrained future and in the US 750kg per person of ‘waste’ is thrown away every year. Thats not only a lot of resources […]

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Will 3D printing reduce our products eco-footprint?

Staples will be offering in store 3D printing in Europe early next year. You’ll be able to upload your 3D design to the Staples server and pop into the store later on to pick up your 3D object. It will cut out the need for distribution, logistics, storage, and lots of middle men. But it […]

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