Environmental impact of synthetic meat and cricket flour

From the votes in so far, over 50% of voters would chose cricket flour over synthetic meat or being vegetarian. But what about the environmental impact? Well, not surprisingly synthetic meat has lower carbon emissions – synthetic cows don’t fart or poo! It has less land grab – synthetic cows don’t need to eat grass, […]

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The power of fast food

The power of fast food is huge. A recent comment on a Ted Talk summed it up well “the global processed/fast food sectors are 1/5 the size of the US economy, about 3 Trillion USD (depending on what categories are included). Annual industry profits of ~150 Billion USD are derived from the ability to sell […]

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Gambling small losses but avoiding small gains

We are more willing to gamble small losses but are risk adverse when it comes to gains. What does that mean for climate change and resource scarcity? I came across this in one of my notebooks from about 5 years ago, I think it came from Malcolm Gladwells book “What the dog saw”. “A group […]

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