Sustainability versus Climate Change

A quick post on my recent experiences in the different perceptions of climate change and sustainability. I recently ran a sustainability workshop in a town located in Northern NSW, beautiful town, on a river prone to flooding, near the ocean but low lying and in an area most hit by the global financial crisis. So […]

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Sea level rise infographic from the US

A great article from co-exist about some work that the Union of Concerned Scientists have produced. They have presented some facts about current sea level rise from 1880 for various costal cities in the US, and they vary from 4 inches to 46 inches. It reminds me of watching a presentation about climate change at […]

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Maybe they know something we don’t!

A 2003 global inventory of flora and fauna from across the globe found that “on average plants and animals are shifting their ┬áranges about six kilometres towards the poles and six metres higher in elevation every decade.” “Over the past thirty years phonological cycles – the annual rhythm of plant flowering, bird migrations, birthing babies […]

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