Sustainable companies of the future will build loyalty through less not more

And it probably isn’t too far into the future. Patagonia are already starting to build loyalty with it’s ‘Please don’t buy this campaign’ from late last year and I am sure there are many more. But what would it mean for the property industry, for building owners? What are the new models of the property […]

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Tech killed the green star

As someone who runs a very successful green building design consultancy in Australia, an article titled “sorry green, its over” on got my attention straight away. Marcus Fairs founding editor of Dezeen, posed in a recent article that he thought “tech has killed green” and that green design is over. Is it true, has […]

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Tri Harder – Part 1, Electricity Generation Carbon Intensity

A great infographic about the carbon intensity of electricity from around the world by UK consultancy Best Foot Forward. It doesn’t have every country detailed but it does show how bad Australia is compared to the rest of the developed world when it comes to the carbon intensity of our electricity generation. We sit at […]

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