Crickets versus Synthetic Meat – Now is your chance to try it

I have extolled the virtues of crickets as a protein source a few times in the past, and in my extensive survey of crickets versus synthetic meat 69% of the respondents said they would rather eat cricket than synthetic meat, 19% said they would rather be turn vegetarian than eat synthetic meat and only 11% […]

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How to be green – lessons from Zero Landfill Man

We take waste quite seriously in the office. We have a worm farm for food waste, we grow some food on the balcony, we take our plastic bags to Coles for recycling, we do… quite a bit but we have never managed to get to zero to landfill. We have also found that what we […]

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Healthy transport

The environmental benefits of public transport are obvious. When compared to driving by car there is reduced carbon emissions, improved local air quality, less noise, the list goes on. But the health benefits are rarely factored in to societies total impact on the environment. If we live healthier lifestyles our cost and impact on society […]

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