Building Automation to grow 60% by 2021 – don’t miss out on your share by not seeing the bigger things

An article on Sourecable that covered a report from the US that suggests the the Building Automation Systems market (BAS) is set to grow 60% to $100.8billion by 2021. A nice pot if you can get the tricks right. The article suggests that the growth will be driven by rising energy costs and demand for […]

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Internet of Things – Stick-N-Find is just the start

The ‘internet of things’ is set to change the way we see and interact with the world and Stick-N-Find is just the start. I blogged a while ago about the McKinsey 12 disruptive technologies and ‘the internet of things‘ was one of those 12. It has the potential to greatly disrupt the property industry. Back […]

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Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – The Internet of Things

The third in the series of posts about McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technologies, and one that being a nerd I absolutely love – The Internet of Things or Big Data. This one is huge for planners and local councils. Along with increasing mobile internet useage we are seeing a rapid increase in the number […]

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