Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Next-Generation Genomics

Seventh in the series of posts on how the McKinsey & Company 12 Disruptive Technologies could impact the property industry. This one is going to need some creative ‘prepping’ – how could genetic modification affect the property industry? Lets start with a fairly easy one – advanced bio-fuel production. If we could improve the manufacturing […]

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Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Autonomous Vehicles

The sixth in the series on the impact of McKinsey and Company’s 12 disruptive technologies on the property industry, this one Autonomous Vehicles. Now this is definitely the stuff of school boy dreams, a car that drives itself. So the technology is cool but how does it impact the property industry? Its probably not as […]

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Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – The Cloud

Number 4 of the the McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technologies is the Cloud. The Cloud has similar potential to disrupt the built environment financial models as much as Mobile Internet does as both of them enable wireless online access to corporate networks. But how else could the Cloud change our property industry in the […]

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