Green architecture – but what about hot still days?

We can go a long way to achieving thermal comfort without the need for airconditioning in most of Australia. All our Australian offices are mixed mode, in our Sydney office we have made it through the hottest summer in Australian history and only turned on our air conditioning for on for 6 days! We achieve […]

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The most efficient air conditioning system is one that’s turned off

A big thanks to one of my first bosses for telling me this keeper – “yes, heat exchangers make air conditioning more efficient but the most efficient air conditioning is one that’s turned off” – priceless and spot on. And so in that vein we have soldiered through our hot Sydney summer avoiding the use […]

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Making sure we are comfortable without the need for air conditioning

Computer processing power, open source design and some blimin clever people now mean we can predict and proactively design for thermal comfort in indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor environments in about a third of the time it took us in 2005. This means that we can now provide analysis, feedback and alternative designs within the design […]

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