The power of fast food

The power of fast food is huge. A recent comment on a Ted Talk summed it up well “the global processed/fast food sectors are 1/5 the size of the US economy, about 3 Trillion USD (depending on what categories are included). Annual industry profits of ~150 Billion USD are derived from the ability to sell […]

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3 Questions about 2050 – Monica Richter

Monica Richter is a Senior Business Adviser at the Australian Conservation Foundation and is extremely passionate about the role that collaboration of community, government and corporations can play in creating a much needed new global economy. I caught up with Monica on a very rainy day in Sydney. “Imagine that I have recently come back from a […]

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3 Questions about 2050 – Hilary Bekmann

Hilary Bekmann is just finishing up her role as Head of Sustainable Property at Macquarie University where she has spearheaded the first campus wide eco-footprint framework for a University in Australia. I caught up with her before she jets off to a new life in  San Francisco to ask 3 questions about 2050. “Imagine that I […]

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