Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – The Internet of Things

The third in the series of posts about McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technologies, and one that being a nerd I absolutely love – The Internet of Things or Big Data. This one is huge for planners and local councils. Along with increasing mobile internet useage we are seeing a rapid increase in the number […]

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Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Automation of Knowledge Work

The second in a series inspired by the McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technology report, this post considers the impact of the Automation of Knowledge Work. The first post considered mobile internet as a disruptor, the idea that as mobile internet speeds increase, the ‘place’ that we do work will dramatically change. The ability to […]

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Sunday Morning Disruptive Tech – McKinsey’s 12

McKinsey & Company have brought out a new report on what they think the disruptive techs will be over the coming years. They have estimated that “theĀ applications of the 12 technologies discussed in the report could have a potential economic impact between $14 trillion and $33 trillion a year in 2025.” Some of these will […]

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