We are being Green – Australia on track for Garnaut-10 emission reduction

Whenever I do a talk or presentation on future grid carbon intensity and I present an option that says we will either follow Garnaut-10 ( 10% on 2000 levels by 2020) or Garnaut-25 ( 25% on 2000 levels by 2020) I usually get a comment along the lines of “that will never happen, the government wont commit, the cost […]

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Sunday Morning – Disruptive Deepwater Energy Technology

Now this is awesome, well for an engineer anyway. Just the images on their own are great – its like a giant meccano set or an elaborate scale model, love it. But this could also be disruptive. credit: Siemens AG German engineering firm  Siemens  have invested heavily into renewable energy technologies, and their latest investment the […]

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Renewable light at the end of the tunnel

It gets depressing when you hear and read about adaptation over mitigation, coal over renewables and no hope over hope. So I’m cheering myself up a bit this morning with three good news stories from around the world, two from market driven forces and one from legislative driven forces. The first is from the US, […]

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