Australia’s Fuel Security Risk – 3 days of hospital pharmacy and 7 days of food

I thought it might be timely to highlight the risk of our liquid fuel security, it is a “high risk, high likelihood” that we still aren’t taking seriously. Why is it timely? Asia Pacific extreme weather events. In February this year the NRMA (yep, the stalwart of liquid fuel use) produced an excellent report that […]

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Queensland Government appoints a Minister for Resilience

I doubt that it will be linked to anthropogenic climate change or go as far as calling it man-made disasters but the appointment of a Minister in Queensland to deal specifically with resilience to ‘natural’ disasters is another significant step towards adaptation rather than mitigation. Its a positive for all those in Queensland affected by […]

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“How Australia survived peak oil” – release date 2030

It still surprises me that the impact of oil security and future oil price is not widely discussed in the planning of our towns, our residential developments and the future of our everyday lives. Australia’s self sufficiency in meeting our demand for oil and other refinery feedstock production sits at around 66% in 2010, dropping […]

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