An mews’ing way to increase density and affordability

The ‘mews’ of old were houses that integrated living and working into a very compact and functional space. The mews houses were the stable servant quarters for the larger residential homes that they backed onto, they are dotted all over London and other cities in Europe. The pre-gentrified mews homes had stables for the horses […]

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Is sustainable consumption a marketing fib?

Is sustainable consumption really possible? If it isn’t then it must be a marketing fib. If it is possible, what does it look like? In a recent Guardian article about trust being important for building a sustainable company the author started off by saying “One of the reasons mainstream consumers do not go weak at […]

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How to be green – resource productivity in action on sydney trains

I saw one of ‘adapted’ train carriages on my train ride from the city back to my office this week – resource productivity in action. Having started my career in London and commuted on the tubes for 5 years, I have still yet to come across a packed train in Sydney, no matter what time […]

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