Australia’s worsening fuel security risk – how will you cope?

I wrote this original story about 6 months ago that focused on the liquid fuel security risk report by the NRMA. With the announcement by BP that they will be closing their Brisbane refinery the predictions by NRMA are starting to come true. The closure of the Brisbane refinery reduces Australia’s domestic liquid fuel production […]

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Financial traders now have carbon risk front and centre but we should remove our price on carbon?

As our own government tries to sweep carbon under the proverbial carpet the illustrious ‘capitalists’ now have carbon risk at the forefront of every deal thats made on Wall Street through their Bloomberg terminals with a new financial tool lets Wall Street calculate the climate-change risk of investments. Reported on The Atlantic “Wall Street is […]

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Australia’s Fuel Security Risk – 3 days of hospital pharmacy and 7 days of food

I thought it might be timely to highlight the risk of our liquid fuel security, it is a “high risk, high likelihood” that we still aren’t taking seriously. Why is it timely? Asia Pacific extreme weather events. In February this year the NRMA (yep, the stalwart of liquid fuel use) produced an excellent report that […]

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