3 question survey about sustainable development

A very quick survey, I promise it should take less than 30 seconds and I will post the survey results next week. Paraphrasing from Eric Lowitt’s recent book ‘if all buildings were green buildings, would we achieve a state of sustainable development?’ My answer would be no. So then the question is “what would enable […]

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Companies that collaborate will ride on rocket powered roller skates

Collaboration will drive success in your company over the next 5 years. You will have to collaborate with your competitors, with your supply chain, with Government, with NFPs and with companies and people who aren’t even on your radar. The companies that get it right will be riding on rocket powered roller skates, those that […]

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Green ratings what’s the point – online survey

I ran a couple of workshops for Green Building Week 2013 that asked the question – Green Ratings What’s the Point. We asked the question from two viewpoints – what changes had green ratings changed in the last 10 years and then what did changes did we want green ratings to change over the next […]

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