“How Australia survived peak oil” – release date 2030

It still surprises me that the impact of oil security and future oil price is not widely discussed in the planning of our towns, our residential developments and the future of our everyday lives. Australia’s self sufficiency in meeting our demand for oil and other refinery feedstock production sits at around 66% in 2010, dropping […]

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Is the solution the problem? The fate of the Hyacinth Macaw.

Is sustainable thinking isolating parts of our system that are inherently linked – sustainable food system, sustainable property, sustainable population growth. Whilst our system is potentially too ‘large’ for any one person or team to cope with we are isolating possible combined solutions. The hyacinth macaw from central Brazil is in decline and researchers have […]

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Sustainable is an adjective not a noun

At some point sustainability moved from being used as a adjective to a noun, from a word used to describe a state – a sustainable future; to a word used to define a person or thing – a sustainability consultant or a sustainable building. In this shift from adjective to noun it has diluted the […]

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