3 question survey about sustainable development

A very quick survey, I promise it should take less than 30 seconds and I will post the survey results next week. Paraphrasing from Eric Lowitt’s recent book ‘if all buildings were green buildings, would we achieve a state of sustainable development?’ My answer would be no. So then the question is “what would enable […]

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From Green to Ecological, but what is Better in the property industry?

In the awesome book “Is sustainability still possible?” there was a table that described the need for a shift in our economic models and that ‘green’ is only an intermediary step. The outcome of the final model is ‘Better’ but what is ‘Better’, tell me what you think it is for your chance to win […]

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Is sustainability still sustainable – don’t take the fool’s gold and prepare for our unsustainability

I am still only on chapter 1 and this book is blowing my mind. This post offers a few thoughts on finishing chapter 1 as well as some food for thought about the property industry’s ‘fool’s gold’. A kind reader pointed out that I had got the name of the book wrong in the post […]

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