Future Sustainable Workplace – Is it Herman Miller’s Public Office Landscape?

The latest project from Herman Miller called ‘Public Office Landscape’ explores the latest trends and research that indicate that collaboration is coupled with mobility and we are tending to need to spend less time tethered to a workstation. The project was designed by Fuse Project and allows for endless flexibility in how the desks, casual […]

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Sustainable workplace – study proves connection to nature lessens fatigue

A new study from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh,¬†published this month in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, attached portable EEGs to the scalps of 12 healthy young adults. The electrodes, hidden unobtrusively beneath an ordinary looking fabric cap, sent brain wave readings wirelessly to a laptop carried in a backpack by each volunteer. The volunteers […]

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Corenet Sustainable Workplace Workshop Results

At the Corenet Global Summit in Shanghai today, I ran a workshop that asked over 40 attendees what they thought the drivers would be for a sustainable workplace in the 2020s. I gave the attendees 15 drivers and asked them to select their top 5. The attendees were quite geographically spread with representatives from India, […]

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