Is sustainability still sustainable – don’t take the fool’s gold and prepare for our unsustainability

I am still only on chapter 1 and this book is blowing my mind. This post offers a few thoughts on finishing chapter 1 as well as some food for thought about the property industry’s ‘fool’s gold’. A kind reader pointed out that I had got the name of the book wrong in the post […]

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Is Sustainability still Sustainable? – State of the World 2013 Report

Discovered this book at the weekend on Kindle Cloud – the title intrigued me as it is common with a lot of thoughts of my own at the moment. The first sentence of the first paragraph of chapter 1 really resonates with a lot of conversations that are happening in the property industry in Australia […]

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Sustainable is an adjective not a noun

At some point sustainability moved from being used as a adjective to a noun, from a word used to describe a state – a sustainable future; to a word used to define a person or thing – a sustainability consultant or a sustainable building. In this shift from adjective to noun it has diluted the […]

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