What is sustainability – water use in energy generation

Water use has been a favourite topic of mine recently, whether it was about the water footprint of our daily food intake or the idea of virtual water. I also posted some time ago about a dubious use of water to make energy from a giant shower in the desert, calculating that it would need […]

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Water footprint of our daily food intake

In my post on the water footprint of red meat versus low flow shower heads I asked if anyone wanted to know any other footprints. The answer was yes I want to know more about the footprint of other sources of protein, the footprint of other food stuffs and also the impact of beer. So […]

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Water footprint – showers versus red meat, which would you choose?

The right information allows us to make the right decisions. As organizations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) collects, stores and makes freely information about our use of resources it makes it easier to connect the dots. Once the dots are connected we as individuals can make informed lifestyle decisions rather than following […]

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